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Hi, I'm David Roth, Math & Science Tutor.

I can help with Math, Chemistry, & Physics;
Homework, Exams, & Online Classes.

I have an MS degree in chemistry and 20+
years experience teaching & tutoring.
More about me.

Homework Help: $25/hr
Help w/ Online Classes: $25/hr
Help w/ Exams: $40/hr

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Phone or WhatsApp: 918-850-5925 (txt prefered)

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Homework or Lab Report Help:

For homework help send your file, pics, or questions to my whatsapp number or email:
918-850-5925 / and let us know your deadline date and time.
We will respond with a price quote ASAP, it is about $25 per hour of work for us.
Once paid, we will start on it and get it to you asap.

Exam Help or Quiz Help:

Just message my whatsapp number: 918-850-5925
We need to know the date, time of the exam
as well as the subject and your time zone.
Exams are $40/hour, a half hour quiz is $20.
Payment is due before the exam.
If the teacher reschedules the exam, we will accomodate you.

Online Class Help:

There are many ways to do this to avoid problems.
You can send pictures of the questions.
We can use a screen sharing app to save time.
There are other options as well. Message us for details.
The cost is about $25 per hour.

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